Hi! I'm Eerie.

I'm a student and fullstack PHP, JS, Python, and HTML developer.

Ever since I was young, I had always wanted to know how software and computer games are made and what they are made up of. This ideology has motivated me in becoming who I am now. I enjoy running, tennis, gaming, and obviously development. Also, if you couldn't tell already, I am obsessed with Stitch!

"Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all of mankind." -- Theodore Roosevelt

Discord: Eerie#6560


Welcome to my web portfolio!

I really hope you enjoy. I've put a good amount of work into this miniature site in an effort to express my own personality and in hopes that maybe, just maybe, you'll get to learn a little bit more about me.


Node.js Discord Bot Development: [6]
PocketMine-MP Plugin Development: [35]
TypeScript Web App Development: [2]*
MYSQL Support (JS/PHP): [FREE]

* novice, no cost.


Programming Experience

I've been experienced with computer programming for approximately 3 years. I primarily specialize in both PHP & JavaScript, but I also have experience in HTML, TS, & Python. My main areas of work include PocketMine-MP plugin development & networking, advanced Discord bot development, & web development.


Thank you for checking out my portfolio! If you're interested in contacting me, check out my socials by clicking on the respective icons below. I'm usually most active on my Discord, of which you can add me at EerieDev#6560. Thanks for stopping by!